Blurbs & Testimonials

“The Blended Course Design Workbook brings together the best practices in online learning and residential teaching in a single concise volume and provides a wealth of resources, checklists, and step-by-step instructions essential for the development and teaching of cutting-edge college courses.”

Joshua Kim, Director of Digital Learning Initiatives, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL)

“Katie Linder has written practical, smart, and even compassionate book on blended course design. Drawing on both research and experience, she walks readers through the process of creating blended courses that will challenge and engage students, providing plenty of examples and tips along the way. This is the essential guide we need to ensure our students will be successful in blended courses.”

Peter Felten, Assistant Provost for Teaching & Learning, Elon University

“The perfect mix of theory and practice, The Blended Course Design Workbook equips you to teach your first blended course, re-design an existing class to be more effective, or even launch an entire blended program at your institution.”

Bonni Stachowiak, Associate Professor of Business and Management, Vanguard University and host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast

“Katie Linder’s Blended Course Design Workbook is a solid, practical resource for faculty embracing blended learning. Linder is mindful of the needs of faculty for whom technology-mediated teaching/learning is not a field of study but a craft. Faculty and faculty developers alike will find many practical tools for use in their professional practice.”

Kelvin Thompson, Director of Online Design & Development Strategy, University of Central Florida