Faculty Development Resources

At the request of a faculty developer, I created a What is blended teaching and learning? PowerPoint slide deck that can be used to:

  • explain what blended classrooms are
  • visualize a spectrum of web integration in the classroom
  • differentiate blended classrooms from flipped classrooms
  • describe some of the benefits and challenges of blended teaching and learning
  • start a conversation about what faculty need to know about blended teaching
  • start a conversation about what students need to know about blended learning
  • provide an overview of The Blended Course Design Workbook

Feel free to modify the slide deck as needed for your audience, but please provide attribution for any content you use that I created.

I also developed a presentation for a free webinar for faculty developers (PowerPoint slide deck) on The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide.

In that slide deck, I provide an example of a six-week structure for a Blended Course Design Institute (PDF).

You can view a replay of that webinar below or on YouTube.

Make sure to also check out the audio extras and handouts available on this website that can also be used for faculty development programming.